Akti Hotel Molyvos

Akti Hotel

 Akti Hotel  2 star Molyvos Price from: 30€


Welcome to Akti Hotel of Molivos, Lesvos island. Akti Hotel is located just 1 km from Mithymna (Molivos) on Lesvos island, in a seaside countryside area. Excellent service in combination with the natural beauty24-hour room service. "Akti" hotel is the guarantee for special and memorable stay.

Rentals Eriphylli Hotel Molyvos

Eriphylli Hotel

 Eriphylli Hotel Rentals 3 keys Molyvos Price from: 35€


Eriphylli hotel is located only 1 km from Molyvos, on the road to Eftalou. Situated in a beautiful place, full of greenery, with a family atmosphere to prevail, the hotel is ideal for families looking for moments of calm and relaxation.

Hostel Schoolmistress with the golden eyes Molyvos

Schoolmistress with the golden eyes

Price from: 30€

Mithymna, Molivos

If you ever find yourself in Molivos, you will not resist the temptation to walk under the blossomed vines which cover the cobbled stone streets, all of which lead to her; Located on the top of the street where the traditional market is, just above the impressive church of St. Panteleimon, our rental property is there to welcome you and to offer an ideal option of accommodation.

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