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Rentals Pelagos Studio Skopelos

Pelagos Studio

 Pelagos Studio Rentals 3 keys Skopelos Price from: 35€


«Pelagos» is the name of our guest house because you can watch the aegean sea and the beautiful beches of Stafilos and Velanio fron its balconies.The space around the guest houses is enclosured with a fence , which makes them rather secure. It is also shaped into different levels with paved slaps and relaxing spots around the swiming pool.

Rentals Liofoto Skopelos


 Liofoto Rentals 3 keys Skopelos Price from: 35€

Skopelos Chora

Guest House «Liofoto» is located near by the town of Skopelos on the central road connecting Skopelo with the beach of Stafilo and Velanio. It is enclosured with a fence , and inside the perimeter there is a beautiful garden,paved slabs and lots of trees providing with the necessary shade for the warm months of the summer.

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