Rentals Dalakouras Studio Agistri

Dalakouras Studio

 Dalakouras Studio Rentals 1 keys Agistri Price from: 20€


To the picturesque and traditional settlement of Metoxi, there are the unique furnished apartments "Dalakouras" .They are unique because they are the only ones inside Metoxi and because they are located to the most quiet and full of green place of all Agistri.

Rentals Vasilaras Studio Agistri

Vasilaras Studio

 Vasilaras Studio Rentals 3 keys Agistri Price from: 45€


The Vasilaras Hotel, just 30m from the port of Scala, on Agistri island, has 24 rooms fully equipped with AC, kitchen facilities and TV. With stunning sea views across the sea or over the hotel’s gardens, the rooms are decorated in a traditional luxury style with a modern twist.

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